Testimonials 42

Jenny Patinkin makeup brushes are a MUST have! Their texture is silky smooth and that is just how your face feels and looks after using them!

Testimonials 41

My makeup has never been so easy to apply!

Testimonials 40

Jenny Patinkin makeup brushes far surpass the quality of all my other brushes, which now feel rough and dry on my face in comparison

Testimonials 39

Applying my makeup is fun now as opposed to a chore!

Testimonials 38

Jenny’s brushes make it so easy for me to put on my makeup every morning, and now I enjoy the process instead of dreading it.

Testimonials 37

The extra soft texture of Jenny’s brushes gives me a gorgeous application every time.

Testimonials 36

I used to be intimidated by makeup, but now I actually look forward to putting it all on!

Testimonials 35

Jenny Patinkin brushes are flawlessly made and leave the face with make-up results that are unparalleled.

Testimonials 34

I’m excited every morning to put Jenny’s technique to work!

Testimonials 33

This is the first time I have ever really loved doing my makeup!