"To help mitigate this ongoing sitch, we asked Jenny Patinkin, makeup artist and founder of Lazy Perfection, to share her best tricks for wearing smokey eye makeup when you have crow’s feet."

"'Any type of powder makeup that’s cracked or crumbly isn’t going to pick up well on a brush,' says beauty expert, makeup artist, and best-selling author Jenny Patinkin.

"Mascaras made with ingredients like collagen, peptides, and amino-acid proteins can make lashes appear thicker, glossier, and more lush, just as they do in hair treatments."

"If you’ve ever found yourself googling "best makeup for older skin," you’re in the right place. We tapped Jenny Patinkin, veteran makeup artist (who just celebrated a milestone birthday herself), on how to use makeup to enhance your features."


"Looking to upgrade your makeup regimen? Keep scrolling for the perks of primers, when to use them, and what ingredients to look for, along with expert-approved options to add to cart."

"Getting a makeup sponge fully clean is a challenge, as products get deeply absorbed and pigments can stain,"

"When you’re tired, your whole body feels it — but your eyes really show it... Stiles and Adams, meanwhile, favor rose-quartz face rollers, such as Jenny Patinkin’s Rose on Rose Face Roller ($38), to massage bare skin or work in creams, serums and oils"

"I'm all for anything that does double duty and takes up less space"

Jenny Patinkin shares her favorite drugstore products that contain hidden foods that can help your skin glow – all for $20 or less!

"Beauty expert Jenny Patinkin, author of “Lazy Perfection,” shows Megyn Kelly and you how to add glitter and shimmer to your makeup for holiday parties, at a range of ages: 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s and older."

“'Rolling instantly reduces inflammation, boosts circulation, and promotes lymphatic drainage to get rid of toxins,' explains beauty expert and author of Lazy Perfection: The Art of Looking Great Without Really Trying, Jenny Patinkin. Translation: Less puffy, more glowy skin in, quite literally, seconds."

"A smoky eye should have that ethereal, floaty look. Heavy color application will make it look like soot, not smoke."

"Makeup artist and beauty expert, Jenny Patinkin, stopped by "Windy City LIVE" to show us how to wear age-appropriate holiday makeup."

"Jenny Patinkin, author of 'Lazy Perfection: The Art of Looking Great without Really Trying' joins Megyn Kelly on Megyn Kelly TODAY to show the newest beauty trend: 'flat-aging.'"

"How to Apply Blush Properly For that perfect rosy flush!"

"The Trick to Finding The Perfect Lip Color for Your Skin Tone."

"So you want to be a dewy goddess with skin so luminous even the moon’s jealous? Welcome to the ever-growing wannabe-dewy club. We reached out to top makeup artists in the business for their favorite glow-enhancing products and application pro tips."

"The muscle bands on our face create such a complex network that injecting even a few millimeters off can cause the opposite result... At the end of the day, you should get a recommendation from someone you trust and trust your instincts..."

"Even the most skilled self-tanning applicators sometimes gets those pesky marks...Thankfully, there’s an easy hack for removing said streaks (which totally give away the fact that your tan isn’t from a week spent in Tulum), and no, you don’t have to douse your skin in Windex à la Ashley Graham."

"We caught top Chicago makeup artist Jenny Patinkin in New York on her way into Barnes and Noble for her umpteenth book-tour stop: Lazy Perfection: The Art of Looking Great Without Really Trying is a brilliant compendium of easy, less-is-more tips, not to mention a great resource for clean beauty."

"More dramatic than a cat-eye but less complicated than other eye makeup techniques, winged eyeliner both defines the eyes and gives them an alluring, sultry shape. And, while it looks as though it requires a professional makeup artist, it’s surprisingly easy to pull off yourself—even if you’re a newbie."

"Save the beauty malfunction and heed the advice of these five professional makeup artists — each experienced in all things bridal beauty — who tell us exactly how to make your look last this time of year."

"Since there’s no shortage of these fabulous drugstore foundation finds, we asked four top makeup artists to share their favorites and help us narrow it down. Keep in mind that these pros are also using some of the most expensive foundations out there, so if they’re fans of these wallet-friendly alternatives, you can feel confident that these bases are the best of the best."

"Stepping up your makeup game doesn't require drastic measures. (And who has time to replicate a 45-minute YouTube tutorial anyway?) Simple tweaks, like switching up your go-to eyeliner shade and layering your mascaras, are all you need."

"Most makeup brush manufacturers glue the bristles in place—but, when that's done carelessly, bristles can fall out. This will happen when the glue gets wet (from washing your brush incorrectly), or, over time, hairs can come loose. Sometimes, it's just the quality of the bristles overall—broken, damaged or dried-out hairs are the first ones to fall out."

"Everything you need to master the no makeup look- because really, who wants to look all made up?"

“It seems counterintuitive to wear less makeup as we age, but it really does look more youthful and fresh...Products that are heavy or heavily applied, have actual weight to them, so they can depress the delicate skin on the eyelids or sink to the bottom of fine lines just enough to accentuate wrinkles.”

“Dry, flaky skin isn’t the easiest to deal with, especially when it comes to applying cosmetics. Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or a passionate amateur, it can be borderline impossible to successfully smooth your foundation over a tight, dehydrated without getting a few unsightly flakes in the process.”

“This brush quintet may be small, but don’t get it twisted: quality definitely wasn’t sacrificed on these pint-sized tools.” — Emily Orofino, editor, Beauty

“Now that the season of puffy down jackets and heavy duty moisturizers has arrived, we also have a new slew of glittery, gilded, and giftable beauty products to lust over. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a bestie or just some eye candy for yourself, we have a feeling you’ll like what’s in store.”

“I was into stacked eyeliner, which looked striking and pretty in a very minimalist way. And it didn’t look like it’d require special tools or extra time—which is essential if I’m going to move from the “thinking about it” phase to the “actually doing it” part. Also necessary: An IRL pro to break down the steps for me. With the help of Chicago-based makeup artist Jenny Patinkin, I managed to re-create this look.”

“While smoky eyes get a bad rep for taking forever to create and requiring a palette’s worth of colors, you don’t actually have to follow those old-school rules. With the right tools, you can create a gorgeous smoky eye whether you have an hour, 15 minutes, or you’re already late.”

“Considering that our job is to write about everything and anything beauty related, we were fairly certain that we knew about every product line out there. But, as it turns out, we missed one, and it’s one that you can find floating around in nearly every professional makeup artists’ kit.”

“…beauty expert and celebrity make-up artist Jenny Patinkin, shares her dos and don’ts for wearing make-up to the beach for the ultimate selfie-ready, sand-, water- and heat-proof look.”

“Blush is one of the most underrated products in your makeup kit. Something about the highly-pigmented product tends to intimidate makeup beginners. But it doesn’t have to be complicated.”

“Naturally, we’re feeling serious bronzer fatigue. Not many people have the time or the commitment (or, really, the patience) to devote to an elaborate contouring routine on a regular basis, carefully applying stripe after stripe of bronzer and highlighter before blending it all in. Just thinking about the whole process makes us tired.”

“When skin and hair start acting up, dirty brushes, styling tools and/or skin cleansers may be to blame. Use this cheat sheet for the best cleaning times and techniques to keep your skin and hair healthy.”


“Whether it’s stop lights, lack of mirrors or sharp turns, it may be difficult to achieve that flawless face when you’re sitting pretty in the backseat. However, expert makeup artists argue that application doesn’t have to be complicated, especially because there are useful tips that will suffice, even if you have a pocket-size mirror on hand.”

“There’s no good part of a zit. There’s the pimple itself. Then, there’s the popping of the pimple — because really, rare is the zit that just disappears on its own. But the last step might be the worst: The scab.”

“Swapping out chemical-laden hair, makeup and skincare products for those that are free of nasty ingredients you can’t even pronounce, let alone want to put on your face (or anywhere else TBH!), is always good in our book, but finding those green products that will turn into tried-and-trues (and maybe even replace your cult faves)— that’s game changing.”

“You can guzzle all the Emergen-C in the world, but chances are, you’re probably going to get sick this winter. If you do (and hiding under the covers all day isn’t an option), your usual beauty routine won’t stand a chance against the requisite red nose, puffy eyes, and muddy skin that accompany a bad cold. ”

“One reason I love strobing is because it’s all about embracing our faces and highlighting our favorite features. But even though this makeup technique is more beginner-friendly than, say, contouring, there are still some strobing techniques to avoid to nail that lit-from-within glow.”

“This year saw the rebranding of Google, Hillary Clinton, and highlighting, or as the glow-ifying makeup technique is now known, strobing. The new name may be flashy and Internet-y, but the idea behind it—using iridescent formulas to make skin look instantly brighter and dewier—remains the same.”

“As any makeup artist knows, the key to a natural-looking finish is blending.”

“The changing seasons means its time to change up your makeup. But before your run to the store to stock up on rich moisturizers and vampy lipstick, take a minute to clean out that makeup bag too. I’ve become a bit of a makeup hoarder over the years, and while I’m not ready to totally ‘KonMari’ my life, I have realized that my makeup bag could use a bit of a makeover. This is where Jenny Patinkin comes in.”

“Fact: Women all over the world are pushing beauty boundaries left and right. And when they get creative, we get buzzy new trends that inspire us to go a little more outside our comfort zones (or *a lot* more, ahem hair burning ahem). Here’s what’s popular around the globe, i.e. what you’ll be hearing about non-stop in about three months.”

“Avoid the temptation to hit up the tanning bed, and instead, try out our foolproof method for fading and concealing those contrasting lines.”

“It’s that time of year again: Prom season. It’s T-minus two hours until you’ve got to go and let your mom cry while she takes pictures of you before the limo rolls up. So what do you do when you have a last-minute beauty emergency? Freak out a little. (It’s natural.) Then do some serious damage control with our last-minute hacks.”

“Liquid eyeliners look intimidating to use, and bright colors may be out of your comfort zone—we get it. But pair the two and the results are nothing short of dazzling.”

“For those of us who live a busy life, those extra minutes can add up, not to mention the cost of constantly replacing razors and beauty products. According to the same survey, the average women will spend $10,000 on shaving-related products over her lifetime.”

“We’re true makeup fanatics, but there’s one part of our routine that we actively detest — washing our brushes. We know we have to, but not only does it take up a lot of our time (which we could be using for Netflix binge-watching!), it could actually damage our favorite tools if we do it wrong. We reached out to Jenny Patinkin, celebrity makeup artist and founder of luxury brush line Lazy Perfection to get her top tips on brush care, cleansing, and more”

“All that glitters is gold … and silver, in this case. Makeup artist Lauren Cosenza shows you exactly how to pump up your look so you’re instantly party-ready.”

“We’re addicted to her proprietary line of brushes, which are handmade in Japan using the finest materials and deliver just about the softest makeup application you’ve ever experienced.”

“Makeup artist Jenny Patinkin, founder of Lazy Perfection Makeup Brushes (, offers her expert advice on caring for you tools of the trade.”

“To take the guesswork out of the makeup brush aisle, we enlisted the expertise of Kashuk and celebrity makeup artist Jenny Patinkin, founder of Lazy Perfection brushes, to break down exactly which tools you need in your bag, the differences between fibers, and yes, exactly how to clean them so your tools stay in pristine shape.”

“Fix any big-day beauty woe with these tricks of the trade.”

Makeup artistry by Jenny Patkinkin in Real Simple magazine January 2015

“Handmade in Japan, Lazy Perfection by Jenny Patinkin Domed Multi-Blender Brush is dense enough to add definition to the eyes, but soft enough to seamlessly blend shadows together, too.”

“Lazy Perfection Travel Brush Collection will make an exquisitely chic addition to anyone’s vanity.”

“Jenny Patinkin’s eye, allover, and blender brushes have full-size heads on travel-size handles to maximize coverage while minimizing suitcase real-estate.”

“We all have some products or ingredients that we would never put on our faces. Whether it’s because we tried it and it just didn’t work out, or we’ve read about the negative effects certain ingredients can have, some things are just a no-go.”

“I’ve always used this technique on brow bone and under eyes, but makeup artist Jenny Patinkin recently urged me to try it on the sides of my eyes and mouth… and I’m completely obsessed”

“This travel set from makeup artist and part-time Aspenite Jenny Patinkin includes mini face, liner, eye, and blending brushes, all handmade in Japan.”

“Brushes come in lots of shapes and sizes, pick up different amounts of mascara, have bristles that are more or less densely packed, or have varying degrees of flex. The results you’ll get absolutely depends on the wand.”

“This streamlined collection of four gorgeous handmade brushes are all you need to complete every makeup look on-the-go and they’ll last a lifetime.”

“…if you’re stumped about how to apply highlighter, here are three tips from Patinkin that you should commit to memory.”

“Makeup artist Jenny Patinkin spared no expense when she created her eponymous line of makeup brushes. From the handles to the impossibly soft fibers, they’re truly decadent — handmade by artisans in Japan.”

“Few things make me feel as fancy as applying my beauty products with a luxe set of brushes, and trust me, this tool set ($182) is chic.”

“Top Chicago beauty experts share quick and easy tips for attaining complexion perfection, minimal effort required.”

“Leave the winter doldrums behind with these resort essentials”

“Highlighter is key to getting that dewy look…Makeup artist Jenny Patinkin says it’s ‘face makeup that attracts light, creating the illusion of brightness and height, hence that lit-from-within look’.”

“Pillow soft and handcrafted in Japan, makeup brushes don’t get more luxurious than this.”

“These brushes are perfect for the girl-on-the-go, especially if she is looking for some high-quality brushes.”

“Sometimes it seems like our lives revolve around trying to get through the day with the least amount of effort possible, so it stands to reason that we’d love Jenny Patinkin’s Lazy Perfection All-Over Face Brush ($52).”

“Now in all-white and rose gold, the kit strikes a whole new level of obsession for me. This is the perfect gift for the girl who has everything.”

“Even the makeup hoarder who has everything could use a few new tools…Gift a couple of these winter whites to the pretties on your “nice” list. “

“It’s an anti-bacterial, cleansing formula that leaves your brushes clean and fresh after just a few sprays. We love it because it’s so super-easy to use.”

“Ready for a new, more beautiful you in 2015? Jenny Patinkin, makeup artist and Founder of Lazy Perfection shares these five beauty resolutions to make for the New Year”

“I always tell our readers that you can spend hundreds on products, but if you don’t have the right tools, it doesn’t matter. What are some practical tips you can share about using brushes?”

“It’s all about knowing where to spend your time, and what details will create an impact — not every feature on your face is the star of the show. So, when you have to get out the door fast (and who doesn’t?), it’s important to focus on the areas that will give you the most bang for your buck instead of spinning your wheels with products that won’t even be noticeable.”

Hanging on to splayed and shedding makeup brushes? Time to bid farewell. This All-Over Face Brush from makeup artist Jenny Patinkin (who coined “lazy perfection” makeup—sign us up!) can do it all. It blends foundation, highlighter, bronzer and blush in seconds. We promise you won’t miss those other tools.

“A brush is a brush, right? Not for Chicago makeup artist Jenny Patinkin, who calls herself “the anti-makeup makeup artist”…

Makeup artist Jenny Patinkin‘s line of luxurious makeup brushes were featured during a Master Class at Barneys New York in Chicago (selling out in 36 hours)…

…makeup artist and Dollface Beauty School founder Jenny Patinkin shares her tips for travel-friendly products.

We caught up with beauty guru Jenny Patinkin of Dollface Beauty School at a recent appearance at Neapolitan in Winnetka for an exclusive interview. Hear all about how she developed her beauty school, her creation of the Lazy Perfection makeup application style, and what she recommends for the coming seasons.

“The silky brushes are handmade by Japanese artisans using the finest natural fibers and are designed to make application easy, minimizing mistakes. The simplicity fits right in with Jenny’s makeup mission statement – “Lazy Perfection.” Lazy doesn’t work without the right tools, though.”

“Makeup artist Jenny Patinkin owns Dollface Beauty School, and we like to think of her as our makeup therapist. Gentle, sweet, and aglow with perfect skin, she meets with clients in her Lincoln Park home and sorts through their cosmetic bags.”

Chicago Style, December 2012

Patinkin streamlines clients’ makeup bags and designs beauty routines that take less than ten minutes. Until recently there was only one catch: Patinkin could never find the right brushes to recommend to clients. So she decided to create her own.

“Social circuit regular Jenny Patinkin is no stranger to looking “event-ready.” After co-charing one of the city’s signature black-tie events, the MRIC Children’s Ball in 2007, she hatched a business plan for Dollface Beauty School, where she’d teach women the skill of applying makeup and choosing the right products…”

“While the major part of her business is teaching women the fundamentals of makeup application (she offers fun group classes with different themes at her Dollface Beauty School), Jenny Patinkin also travels to clients’ homes for party-prep makeup. She calls her makeup method “lazy perfection”: a simple approach to a flawless face.”

“Fear falsies no more. Chicago-based makeup artist Jenny Patinkin is going to bat for your lashes with her Lush Lash Seminar, the newest addition to her Dollface Beauty School. During the 60-to-90 minute lesson, you’ll get a demonstration showcasing various types of false lashes, and plenty of practice time and one-on-one attention…”