Beauty Expert, Makeup Artist and Entrepreneur Jenny Patinkin believes Flat-Aging is the future of beauty.

Instead of “anti-aging” and the fanciful belief that we can go back in time, the groundbreaking new concept of Flat-Aging is about exploring options to maintain our beauty in real time.

Let’s face it. Physical aging is fraught with emotion, whether we seek to do so naturally or with the assistance of aesthetic services or procedures.

On the cusp of 50, Jenny’s personal mission and professional objective is to address the complex array of emotions associated with physical aging and to help demystify the many aesthetic options available to us.

After all, one of the great benefits of getting older is being able to make those personal choices, informed by our years of experience and self-knowledge, in order to arrive at a place of contentment.

Flat-Aging is being present and happy with your appearance, no matter your age and no matter what skincare or aesthetic path you choose to take.

The Flat-Aging model embraces confidence and refuses to do mortal combat with nature, but also allows room for new technologies and formulations. Jenny can help you embrace your "beauty in the now" with her expert Lazy Perfection insights and approach.

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is Beauty in the Now.

Come let Jenny work with you on how you can
Flat-Age & feel pretty in the present.

- Services Include -

  • Makeup Consultation with Jenny
  • PLUS
  • Access to Jenny's professional team of collaborators for:
  • Skin and Skincare Evaluation
  • Non-Invasive Skincare Services/Procedures Consultation
  • Medical Aesthetics Consultation
  • Hair and Hair Color Consultation
  • Personal Style Consultation

By request, Jenny's Flat-Aging services may also offer access to wellness, fitness and nutrition professionals.

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